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 Boegger Industrial Limited has many years experience in manufacturing and supplying standard candle filters and related filter elements. You can find various candle filter series products here. Such as cylindrical filter element, filter tubes and filter discs.
Candle filter is the heart of filtration devices. It plays a key role in the resource's purification, recovery and re-use. Candle filters are widely used in the water treatment industry, food processing industry, pharmaceutical industry, petrochemical industry, construction machinery industry and environmental protection industry.
We can supply a wide range of candle filters of different specifications. Our products have many advantages, such as good permeability, excellent chemical resistance, good dimensional stability and long service life. They can be cleaned and utilized repeatedly. The strong durability and reliable performance of our product will certainly meet your satisfaction.
If you have any question, contact We are at your service.
Boegger Industrial Limited is a professional manufacturer in the filter element field. We can supply various standard candle filters and related filter elements, such as pleated candle filter, conical strainers, cylinder filter element and compressed knitted wire mesh filters. Our filter elements can meet the high standards of different filtration and separation requirements. We are your reliable high quality candle filter supplier.
Candle filter, also named filter cartridge, is an important filter element. It can purify the contaminated medium and meet the needs of production and daily life. Candle filters have a wide range of applications. They can be applied in various industrial production process, such as power generation, marine purification, iron and steel smelting. The candle filter also can be used in drinking water treatment, automobile fuel filtration, bike lubricants filtration and other filtration applications.
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